Friday, March 19, 2010

Wrist Corsages

Prom flowers can be in different type and forms. One of the most common prom flowers are the wrist corsages. It is used in a special event to be worn on the body to signify a special person, person of importance or even for the host of the event. Whoever wear wrist corsages, it gives extra attraction to the person. In occasions like wedding reception, wrist corsages are worn by the bride and groom to identify and honor their special role on the wedding day. It is often extended to the parent of the bride and groom.

Wrist corsages can be designed with single or multiple flowers bundled together with some colorful ribbon. The color ribbon matched the color of the flower that added attraction to the person who wear it. In this modern society, people are very conscious in the design of their attire. Due to the design and cost of attire, design of wrist corsages are more challenging to provide damaging of the attire when the corsage is pin on their attire. Secondly, for ladies who wear strap blouse, it is not practical to have a pin-on corsage.

Wrist corsages are another type of prom flowers specially made to be worn on the wrist of women.
Most of the common reason to wear on the wrist is due to the fact that the women's attire are not suitable to have a pin-on corsage. Also, there are some who choose purposely chosen the wrist corsages for its beauty and specialty. Florists know how very important prom flowers are to their young customers and had since innovated a new designed called the wrist corsages. There are also some who do want her expensive clothing to have a hold on it due to the pin corsage. The next time you get a chance, take a closer look at the wrist corsage. Your will notice its beauty and appreciate it. On top of that, the color scheme of wrist corsages can be customize to match.

While the pin-on corsage color matches the shirt or jacket, the color scheme of wrist corsages match the skin color of the hand/wrist. Besides the color, the size of the corsage need to match the size of the hand/wrist to show uniformity.